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4:13 Podcast

Mar 28, 2019

Jennifer’s husband Phil tells all on this fun, tender, and unfiltered episode. Find out how they met, how they navigate working together with being married, and how their life together has been shaped by blindness. You’ll laugh and be inspired and learn some practical tips on how to do life when it isn’t...

Mar 21, 2019

Lots of choices? No idea what to do? On this episode, you’ll get 3 Scriptures to pray when you just don’t know what to do. Learn how to use the Bible to get S.E.T. on the best path for you and discover how God’s Word can be your GPS.


Mar 14, 2019

God is the original Foodie. That’s what Margaret Feinberg says. On this episode, she and Jennifer will help you examine the purpose of food. You’ll learn about several foods in the Bible and end up with a greater appetite to taste and see how good God is.


Mar 7, 2019

Happiness and joy are far more than emotions you feel, they’re expressions of your faith. On this episode, discover what the Bible says about being happy and learn three things you can do that are proven to promote happiness even when life isn’t handing out grins.