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4:13 Podcast

Nov 29, 2018

Life comes with all sorts of stuff like joy, laughter, and stress. But, it does not come with a rewind button! We can’t rewind and redo what we regret. But, we can do something to prevent some of the regrets.

You can get free from the guilt that chains you to regret and learn how to avoid it in the future by...

Nov 22, 2018

You can be thankful in all things, even if you’re not thankful for all things. Learn 4 habits of thankful people that can improve your health and relationships. Plus, see how God hard-wired you to be thankful so you can be blessed!


Nov 15, 2018

If God’s ways are right, why do they feel so wrong? God can be just even when He doesn’t seem fair. On this episode, Jennifer candidly explains how she accepts God’s ways when it comes to her blindness and equips you with 4 choices you can make when life feels unfair. You ’ll receive the courage and comfort to...

Nov 8, 2018

You’ve heard of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. This is more like women on wheels with water bottles! On this episode, Jennifer talks with Liz Curtis Higgs about how our ability to laugh is tied to our willingness to trust God. Hop in the back seat with Jennifer and Liz, and get ready to learn why you can trust God...

Nov 1, 2018

Not every situation is good, but you can experience good when you 4:8 your thoughts. You will learn practical techniques for grabbing the good from life’s not-so-good moments and find out how a 4:8 filter will help you focus your thoughts when you’re tempted to think with your feelings.

BONUS! Get a peek into one of...