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4:13 Podcast

Aug 29, 2019

Sometimes we just want to give up, give in, give excuses, and give it a rest! The project is too big, the problem is too hard, the person is too difficult, or the process takes too long. We want to quit. So, today, if you’re teetering on the edge, about to give up, get ready for three very practical and doable ways to...

Aug 22, 2019

You can't overcome the hard things in life if you don’t know who you are and whose you are. That’s why today, you’re going to learn the connection between knowing your identity and overcoming whatever obstacle you face. And, you’re going to get a behind-the-scenes peek of the Kendrick brothers new...

Aug 15, 2019

We all go through valleys. Sometimes it's illness and loss. Sometimes it's betrayal or rejection. Sometimes it's financial. All of our valleys may be different but what they have in common is that valleys are dark and bring out our fear.

But, the other thing our valleys have in common is that valleys are not permanent....

Aug 8, 2019

Sometimes we love where we’re planted and sometimes, well, not so much. So today, we’re going to learn how to make the most of where we live. San Fransico-based author and coach Shauna Pilgreen will give you practical ‘dweller tips’ and help you make the most of where you live.


Aug 1, 2019

When we’re hurting, our heads are cloudy and our hearts are so heavy that we feel we can't bear the weight of our next decision. We feel stressed and disoriented.

On this episode, Jennifer shares all the unknowns that came with her lumpectomy. Plus, you’ll get a Scripture-based to do list for when you’re hurting....